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Celebrate your Successes, Celebrate your Life.

Celebrate your success with bottles of MAVAM Fortune, friends family. A cocktail to extensively celebrate the most special occasions. Mavam Fortune has a proud character with hints of tropical fruit.


Enjoy on the Best Day of Your Life

Designed for the best day of your life. Matching the decor of a wedding, MAVAM Glaciar brings a unique addition to the day. It is a sweet cocktail with hints of citrus and pineapple


Born to be Loved!

From the Spanish vineyards in La Mancha, MAVAM Vulcano brings the sun and enjoyment to your country. MAVAM Vulcano has a refreshing, sweet taste with hints of Spanish peach. Gold infusion creates a unique effect due to light.


Have your Dream Dates with a Sparkling Twist!

For the dream date, the Sunday in the park, where you can enjoy life with your loved ones. Take out the picnic basket and the MAVAM Tentation cocktail to enjoy life and nature! MAVAM Tentation is a cocktail of red fruit and floral aromas.


Enjoy while Tanning.

Together with you and your friends, MAVAM Beach brings the evenings on the beach to a new level. MAVAM Beach is a fresh cocktail with hints of sweet citrus and grapefruit.


Imagine Yourself, on that Yacht.

With MAGIC Magic you create your wildest dreams, set your goals and then toast on them again when you achieve them. MAVAM Magic is a soft, sweet wine with hints of mint and balsamic vinegar for the true connoisseur.


Impressing made Easy!

Can you imagine? A Gold Infused Mojito? Impressing made easy! With MAVAM Mojito you can turn every house party into a true cocktail experience. MAVAM Mojito is a sparkling cocktail with hints of citrus and mint.

Payment Method

If MAVAMHolland is unable to deliver an order due to force majeure, we cannot be held liable for this. If payment has already been made, the amount will of course be reimbursed to the buyer. Payment is made via iDEAL.


The MAVAM Bottles are sent by the best fitting shipping company at the applicable rates (maximum size 100 x 50 x 50 cm): A shipping rate of € 6.95 applies.

With orders of more than 6 bottles, shipping is free.

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